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Since you all seem so baffled, I thought I’d clarify something

Why are we tearing Trump supporters apart? Why can’t everyone respect others, regardless of who you’ve voted for? It seems a lot of you genuinely, sincerely want to know. Unless you’re being sarcastic, facetious, or willfully ignorant.

Honestly, there isn’t much to say that doesn’t feel like just stating the obvious. When people are this awful and proud of it, what can you say? Unfortunately, I am learning more and more that maybe it isn’t so obvious for some people. Regardless, here is a very brief summary that I hope will be heard and understood.

Regardless of whether you are a blatant racist, you supported one. Regardless of whether you explicitly demonstrated your racism, you implied it by condoning the words and actions of Trump and his supporters. You are telling people of color that our president-elect may not believe that you matter, but it’s okay – at least it’s better than Hillary’s emails. They hear what you are saying loud and clear, and so do I.

Regardless of whether you are a blatant misogynist, you supported one. We think we can dictate women’s reproductive choices to them, so why not go one step further and tell them what is and isn’t sexual assault? Hot women deserve to be grabbed, and ugly and/or fat women deserve to be disrespected. This is what I hear every time one of you opens your mouth and says something ambiguously horrible such as “don’t condemn a guy for participating in locker room talk.”

Regardless of whether you are a blatant xenophobe, you supported one. You voted for a guy who considered forcing Muslims to register in a database. You cheered on the ideas of deporting millions of immigrants and building that ridiculous wall. And even if you didn’t cheer it on, you still supported and voted for it.

The worst thing is that not only were these things not deal-breakers for you, they are the reason why some of you supported him. In 2016, Americans are knowingly voting for hate, racism, sexism, and other disgusting -isms. They believe this man to be their anti-liberal savior who will make America white again and denounce “political correctness” and “safe spaces.”

We are not “crying” because our new president holds different views than we do. Hate directed at women, people of color, and the LGBT community (looking at you, VP elect Mike Pence) is not simply an “opinion.” We are upset because half of America believes that these things will make America great again. Bigots are now more emboldened than ever before and have already been committing hate crimes in Trump’s name.

This is where I draw the line regarding tolerance. These things should never be tolerated. It’s gone way too far already, and it needs to stop. People who support this or look the other way deserve to be disrespected – at the very least. I hope this clears it up for you.


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